Custom Keychains and Ornament
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Custom Keychains and Ornament

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This order is for two keychains and a Christmas ornament. 

The key chains will be made from sterling silver and copper.  The front of the key chain will have a silhouette that will be made from sterling silver, the tag piece will be made from copper.  The back will have "Michelle & Jayson 10/17/20" stamped on the back.

The tag will have a patina that will darken the copper. The silver will be polished and shined. These copper tags will be round and 2" tall. The silver silhouette will be tall enough to stand out on the tag. A mixed metal ring will be added to the top of the key chain. One tag will be $56. 

The Christmas ornament will be the same image but larger. The Ornament will be approximately 3" tall. The silhouette will be large enough to cover the tag. This ornament will come with a copper hook attached to hang on the tree. The back of the ornament will have "Michelle & Jayson 11/17/20" stamped on the back. It will have a patina that will darken the copper. The ornament will be $94.

There is also a added charge for shipping. I will be shipping the items FEDEX for Wednesday delivery . This will be $90. The items will go to the FedEx store on 12/22. 

These items will come in a gift box.

Thank you so much!