The Great Pumpkin Abduction- UFO Necklace
The Great Pumpkin Abduction- UFO Necklace
The Great Pumpkin Abduction- UFO Necklace
The Great Pumpkin Abduction- UFO Necklace
An American Metalsmith

The Great Pumpkin Abduction- UFO Necklace

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Title: The Great Pumpkin Abduction

This is a one of a kind pendant. I will not be making another UFO pendant like this one. It was created from a hand drawn image. The pendant is handmade from sterling silver.  There are 4 layers to this piece. 

All parts of this necklace were hand cut, filed sanded and polished. 

Looking at the necklace, the top of the piece is a flying saucer made from 4 layers of sterling silver.  The very back layer to this piece is flat and has a stamped plate and a bail.

 Below the flying saucer is a three pumpkins that were handsawn from sterling silver. The stones from the top down are: amethyst, carnelian and yellow chalcedony. Behind the pumpkins the silver has a dotted texture. 

If you wish to change the chain in the future you will be able to remove the provided chain and add a small style chain of your own. 

This is a heavy style necklace but will be comfortable to wear every day. It comes with a 16" chain, please let me know if you'd like a 18" or 20" instead. If you wish to polish this item in the future it is suggested to use a Sunshine cloth on the high areas, do not use liquid metal cleaners. This could take away the patina in areas you may not want.

The necklace is approximately 1.25" wide and 1.5" tall. 

This necklace will come with a cleaning pad for future cleaning and will be packaged in a gift box. It will be sent by USPS and will take 3-5 days to ship. Insurance will be included on this item for the items total price. 

Thank you for looking!