Sterling Silver "Watch Out for That Rock" Bracelet

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Title: Watch out for that Rock

This is a one of a kind bracelet. I will not be making another bracelet like this. This is handmade from sterling silver.  There is 3 layers to this piece. 

All parts of this bracelet were hand cut, filed sanded and polished. 

Looking at the bracelet, the top of the piece is a flying saucer. On the left side of the saucer is a moonstone, turquoise, and blue labradorite. On the right side of the saucer is also moonstone, turquoise, and blue and green labradorite. There are sterling silver stars 

This piece has been discounted because one of the stone settings. The setting popped off while 5 of the other settings had their stones in them. In order to fix this, I soldered a wire to the setting and drilled a hole in the bracelet. I then riveted the setting to the bracelet.  This is a secure connection and the stone is not compromised sitting in it. It may rotate, but that is because the bracelet is domed and is not a flat surface for the stone setting to sit on. 

If you wish to polish this item in the future it is suggested to use a Sunshine cloth on the high areas, do not use liquid metal cleaners. This could take away the patina in areas you may not want, or damage the stones.

If dropped these stones will break, please be careful. 

This bracelet is 6" but the bracelet has not been brought in so it can fit larger or smaller wrists. If you purchase this bracelet: **Please leave your wrist size in a note during checkout. This will help me size it for your needs.**

This bracelet will come with a little goodie bag and in a gift box. It will be sent by USPS and will take 3-5 days to ship. Insurance will be included on this item. 

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