Sterling Silver Flying Saucer Earrings
Sterling Silver Flying Saucer Earrings
An American Metalsmith

Sterling Silver Flying Saucer Earrings

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These earrings are handmade from sterling silver. 

All parts of these earrings were hand cut, formed, filed, sanded and polished. 

Looking at these earrings, the outside space ships were made by hand. On the inside they feature 5 stones each. The center stones are 6mm amethyst. On each side of the amethyst are 5mm moonstone. On the outer edges of the moonstone are 5mm chrysoprase. These stones were hand set into the sterling silver bezels. 

These earrings are very light weight and will be very comfortable to wear every day. These hang from sterling silver ear wires. The tops of the space ships can move freely around on the ear wires. If you wish to polish this item in the future it is suggested to use a Sunshine cloth on the high areas, do not use liquid metal cleaners. This could take away the patina in areas you may not want. 

*These earrings can be very fragile! If handled aggressively the flying saucer shape could be distorted.*

These earrings measure: 1 1/5" wide by 7/8" tall not including the earring wire.  

These earrings will come with a sunshine cloth for future cleaning, a free sticker and a thank you note all packaged in a gift box. It will be sent by USPS and will take 3-5 days to ship. Insurance will be included on this item for the items total price. 

Thank you for looking!