Sterling Silver Flying Saucer Aura Opal Ring Size 7

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Title: For the Love of Pizza

This is a one of a kind ring. It is handmade from sterling silver, and brass. The stone is Aura Opal which is a synthetic stone. This is a size 7 US 

All pieces of this ring were hand cut, filed sanded and polished. 

Looking at the ring, the left side is a piece of pepperoni and mushroom pizza. On the right side is a flying saucer. Each of these items has multiple layers. The crust for the pizza is brass. 

This is a heavy style ring but will be comfortable to wear every day. The band is sterling silver but has been darkened using a patina. If you wish to polish this item in the future it is suggested to use a Sunshine cloth, do not use liquid metal cleaners. This could take away the patina in areas you may not want. 

Stone Measures: 1/2" tall and 1/2" wide. Pizza Measures: 3/8 tall and 3/8 wide. Flying Saucer Measures: 7/8 wide and 3/16 tall. 

This ring will come with a little goodie bag and in a gift box. It will be sent by USPS and will take 3-5 days to ship. Insurance will be included on this item. 

Thank you for looking!