Sterling Silver Daisy Necklace with Citrine.

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This daisy necklace will be completely handmade from sterling silver. The length of the necklace will be made from tiny daisies with citrines set in the middle. The rest of the length of the necklace will be sterling silver chain. This necklace will be 20" in total.

 Each daisy was hand cut, filed, and sanded. Each daisy is 3/16" in size. These are then soldered onto jump rings and connected to each other. The necklace may come to a slight "V " shape in order to keep it from flipping and not sitting right on the neck.

This is made to order, the daisies on the necklace will look different then the photo displayed.

It will take over a month to ship and receive.  This necklace will be send by USPS with a tracking number. The tracking number may only work in the United States.