Sterling Silver Custom Cuff Bracelet
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Sterling Silver Custom Cuff Bracelet

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This bracelet will be handmade from sterling silver and gemstones from the customer. The customer has requested the gems be in a certain order.  

The gemstones will need to be picked up after the bracelet is paid for. 

The cuff will be as wide as the thickest stone. The cuff will be plain silver and will not have any designs in the metal. All of the stones will be bezel set and one of the stones will require prongs.

This bracelet may tarnish over time. You are able to use a polishing cloth to restore it to a beautiful shine, one will be provided. 

This bracelet will come in a gift box and will be hand delivered to the customer. The cuff could take up to three weeks to complete. The three week starts when the stones are picked up.