Squirrel Patrol Dog Tag

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This pet tag is made from copper and brass. The tag is meant to go on a pets collar, or can be used as a fun key-chain! This tag has a hand cut brass squirrel, and "squirrel patrol" hand stamped on the front.

This pet tag can also be customized by adding a pet name, and/or phone number (NO ADDRESSES OR SPECIAL CHARACTERS) to the back of the tag. *Customization is an extra charge* All stamping is completed by hand, and will not be exact. The customization on the back of the tag will be completed in brass, which is a gold color. *Considering the small size of this pet tag, a limited amount of information can be placed*

This pet tag measures approximately 1" across and 1" tall- not including the metal ring.

**Pet ID tags are made to order, and will be a new pet ID tag rather than the one displayed.

This will come in a gift box. It will take 1-2 weeks to ship, and will arrive by USPS.