Moon Phase Wall Hanging

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This is a moon phase wall/window hanger. These are made by hand and will be made to order, so each design may vary. These are made from copper and will tarnish over time, but can be cleaned.

Each moon piece is hand cut using a jewelers saw, and made from 30 gauge copper. Then, each is filed, sanded, and hammered to make the appearance more dimensional. The next step is to make the copper jump rings from 12g wire. Over 20 jump rings for each hanger are crafted to piece it all together. Each moon phase also gets a handmade hook that attaches to the top, and allows it to be hung from anywhere. The jump-rings are soldered to the phases with silver solder, and then cleaned one last time. The final step is to dip all pieces into sulfur which gives the wall hanging a dark color.

The sulfur could transfer on your hands, clothes, or furniture if rubbed, but can wash off if necessary.

There are two different options. The smaller version hangs around 10", and the longer version is about 14".

**Wall hangings are made to order, and will be a new wall hanging rather than the one displayed.

It will take 1-2 weeks to ship, and will arrive by USPS.