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Custom Jewelry

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This listing is for multiple items:

-The sterling silver stackers with pre selected gemstones. The gemstones are carnelian, citrine and Mojave turquoise. These will have plain bands and will be size 9.25. $30 each

-One sterling silver stacker with a star. The band will be plain. Size 9.25. $25 

-Two tourmaline rings made from sterling silver. No border and sterling silver bezel. The band will be a 12g wire. These rings are $86 each.

-Tourmaline necklace. No border and the point facing down. 18" cable chain. $94

-Herkimer diamond Necklaces. 18" ball chain. $35

-Simple ring using thick wavy pattern band. Size 9. $40

Total $456. These items will take 2-3 weeks to complete. This package will ship in a 6x6x6 box and will be insured for it's total value.