Custom Garnet Necklace
Custom Garnet Necklace
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Custom Garnet Necklace

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This is a custom order.

This listing is for a necklace. The necklace will have a garnet, two small CZs and a obsidian on the necklace. 

The top of the necklace will have a crown design. Below the crown design the garnet will be set in sterling silver. On the sides of the garnet the CZs will be set in sterling silver. Below the garnet, the obsidian stone will be set in sterling silver. Around the obsidian will be a dotted border. 

This necklace will have a 20" chain. This necklace will be delivered before 9/20. 

This necklace will be shipped with a pair of garnet earrings the customer has ordered. They will be shipped using USPS and insurance will cover the total value of the package.

Thank you!