Brass skull pin with daisy print made by An American Metalsmith
Brass skull pin backing made by An American Metalsmith
Rear view of a brass skull pin made by An American Metalsmith
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Brass Daisy Skull Pin

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This pin features a skull cut from brass, and stamped with daisies. This pin will measure approximately 1/2'' tall and 1/2" long.

This pin is made from brass, and comes with a brass pin clip. Each skull pin is handmade and unique, making it one-of-a-kind. This pin can also be used as a tie pin or a jacket pin.

**Pins are made to order, and your order will be a new pin rather than the one displayed.

Every piece is handmade. It starts out as a sheet of brass, and traditional metalsmithing techniques are used to craft it. Each piece is filed and sanded, so it's smooth to the touch. Silver solder attaches the pin back to the skull.

This will come in a gift box. It will take 1-2 weeks to ship, and will arrive by USPS.